Nerve damage after THR

Good morning, I was just wondering if anyone else had suffered nerve damage after their operation?


  • wazz42
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    Hi and good morning to you @Cazbaz

    I had a TKR and have part of my leg that is permanently numb due to nerve damage, can't say I worry about it overmuch - but I'm lucky with loss of feeling. It would be sad if the nerve damage led to more pain, hope that's not you xxx


  • Cazbaz
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    Hi Wazz, thanks for the reply, luckily no pain and fortunately not interfering with exercises or walking it’s just very annoying, consultant assured me it would get better, just a case of wait and see I suppose

  • Lilymary
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    I understand some of it will come back as things start to heal, but I consider a bit of numbness a small price to pay for getting a working leg back. The outside of my operated left leg has some degree of numbness from hip to knee, and knee to ankle doesn’t feel quite right. I had a bit of old nerve damage in my left thigh anyway [walked VERY hard into the corner of a piece of furniture) which I’ve long ago got used to, it doesn’t affect mobility at all, so I don’t feel too bothered about it being a bit more extensive now.

  • Cazbaz
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    Hi Lilymary, I totally agree with you I can put up with a bit of numbness rather than the pain I had before my operation, I thought I would ask about it as nobody I know has had the same problem. I see you are getting on well,, like you I’m trying to do more walking now, keep up the good work. I must be honest it’s really helpful reading other people’s experiences on here 🙂

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    Hi @Cazbaz

    That's great to hear, I see you have been posting on other discussions too which is great. I always have a warm feeling when I can post something that is helpful - and when someone uses the 'thankyou' reaction, like Lilymary has done on your last post I feel really pleased!

    Take care

    Yvonne x