Fused Wrists


Both my wrists are fused (right wrist has a metal plate in). I'm struggling with lifting the kettle and tipping water in the tea cup. Can anyone suggest / advise what I could do to make this easier and less painful?

Many thanks



  • jamieA
    jamieA Member Posts: 351

    I don't know if this is an option for you. My wife bought me a Breville Hot Cup as I was having real issues with lifting a kettle. Now my wife fills the Hot Cup in the morning and I can use it throughout the day - no need to lift it.


  • UshaT
    UshaT Member Posts: 13

    Wow, brilliant idea. Thank you so much 😀

  • stickywicket
    stickywicket Member Posts: 27,098

    Just a different option, if you like, ushaT

    My wrists fused themselves years ago. I use a cheap kettle (because they're lightweight) with a side handle. Top handles are hopeless for me but, with a side-handled one, I can lift the kettle from its stand then put my other hand underneath to steady it while I pour. I try to buy from stores where they're on display so I can ensure i can deal with them before buying. Good luck.

  • UshaT
    UshaT Member Posts: 13

    Hi thanks stickywicket :-)

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