Spinal fusion.

I had a spinal fusion 6 years ago and have been in pain ever since. has anyone ever had a success operation. I can't bear the thought of another operation. My pain is in my left side near the waist


  • Saltmarsh
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    I take it that Dr has diagnosed this present pain to be from the back, & not the hip..? I had spinal fusion of 4 & 5 twelve years ago, which was successful. I'm very sorry that you're still in pain. I had pre-op Jan 2020 for fusion 3 & 4 with extension to 4. Beaten by the lockdowns, following which I failed the respiratory test (COPD), so discharged for conservative treatment. BUT, it does depend on what your surgery is for. My latest one was to alleviate severe nerve pain in the legs - and they did say that it's unlikely to help the back pain. I have to live with it all now, helped by a largely Mediterranean/vegetarian diet & certain exercises - ask physio & google Verywell etc. My GP & Rheumatologist have been with me all the way, but do actually much prefer no surgery if at all possible. Good luck Pamsytam25 x