Swollen, painful hands

Hi, I've recently been on an overnight stay on a school trip. Knowing that I had osteoarthritis I was limited with my mobility and what activities I could help with the children. After choosing the easiest option, I spent most ot yesterday out in the cold and rain. By the time I got home yesterday afternoon I was feeling awful & by this morning my hands & fingers are swollen, my wedding ring can move around but won't come off, my other rings won't go on whereas my rings usually spin round. My hands feel so stiff and movement is limited. I also have alot of pain in my toes.


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    Hi @GillSedd

    welcome to the online community, it’s lovely to have you here.

    You have pain, stiffness and swelling in your hands and your toes too. You are wondering if it’s to do with your overnight stay with some schoolchildren when you were cold and wet.

    I'm assuming your osteoarthritis is in your hands and feet in which case it’s quite a reasonable assumption that this is indeed what has happened. If you are starting to feel a little improvement today then that’s another indication you are right. If they don’t improve in the next day or so then maybe a chat with your doctor would be helpful.

    I'm attaching our information on OA of the hands, it’s very helpful and has sections on exercises, pain relief and so on.

    Do share how you are getting on and while you are here, have a look around and see if you can make some more comments

    Take care

    Yvonne x

  • Hi @GillSedd

    Thank you for posting on the helpline forum. I’m sorry that, despite your best efforts to make reasonable adjustments because of your osteoarthritis (OA), your symptoms have worsened since you spent the day in the cold and rain on the school trip.

    Sometimes the weather, especially cold weather, can make your symptoms worse. However, the weather won't affect the long-term outlook or how the condition progresses.

    As Yvonne says, it is reasonable to assume, as you have a diagnosis of OA, that the inflammation, stiffness, and pain are linked to the condition, especially if you start to see some improvement over the next few days. It may be helpful to take photos of your hands so you can show them to your GP if necessary.

    Thanks to Yvonne for her response, and for providing the link about OA. I’m also including a link to OA of the feet and a general link about managing OA.

    If you have any further questions or other symptoms that are concerning you, you  are very welcome to call us on our freephone helpline: 0800 5200 520 so you can talk things through with one of our helpline team before you speak to a GP.

    I hope this is helpful.

    Best wishes


    Helpline Team