I am new and I have Rehumatoid Arthritis

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Hi everyone

Glad to be here in this platform.

My name is Atia and my nationality is Bengali. Currently I am living in Birmingham. I am 31 years old and about 12 years ago when I was admitted in a University I was diagnosed Rheumatoid Arthritis. At first I got wrong treatments and medications by my country doctors for months and finally when I was almost going to be disable one medicine specialist diagnosed it. I had a hard life socially and I did not get enough support from family and others. Almost 80% of my country people have no idea about this disease and I felt I am an unfortunate one. I started oral methotrexate but now I am taking Methotrexate injection 15 mg weekly. But the thing is my disease is not in control and I am struggling to do my basic care. My right hand is already stuck that I can't straight or bend it. My fingers are bend and painful including wrists also my ankles and feet pain if I walk a little bit. My rheumatologist is trying to help me and she is planning for me a new treatment of medication. Hopefully I will get soon the update. Days ago my rheumatologist gave me steroid injection and my pain is less than earlier. I would like to add that I have also PTSD, anxiety disorder and I am depressed about my life about my future. I am forgetful too. I got this platform page in Facebook and one week before I contacted in Helpline. I believe this platform will be helpful for me both physically and mentally.

I wish to be more connected in this platform.

Thank you.



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    Hi @Azannat

    How lovely to meet you. Welcome to our community, it is just the right place to share your story, get help for any issues you may have and to find friends to chat with.

    It sounds like your diagnosis for rheumatoid arthritis was delayed for quite a while and that has caused some damage to your hand, wrists and ankles. However now you have a good consultant who is trying to work out the best way forward for you. You are in a lot of pain although a recent steroid injection has helped with that.

    If we start with that I'm going to post our general leaflet about RA (rheumatoid arthritis). This hasa video to describe RA and goes on to treatments, managing symptoms, living with RA and a story by Keri who has RA herself.

    You also said you found that family and friends didn't understand your condition and that can be hard. It is one of those areas where everybody has had a bit of joint pain somewhere so they think that's what you have, and in some joints maybe it is that, but when you have many joints involved it is a whole different story.

    I found it useful to use 'the spoon theory' It helped me get started, I was lucky my oh was keen to help in any way he could. We had a long talk after this and we still use the 'spoon' idea now. If he is thinking I'm not looking good he will ask me how many spoons I have today, if it's one he takes over all the tasks and if 10 we are good to go!

    We fellow members understand what is going on so tell us all about your pain and how it affects you. Remember you are not alone, any problem you have will have been solved by someone. Post in Living with arthritis what you need most and see what happens!

    Take care

    Yvonne x

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    Hi Atia

    I'm sorry to hear that you're in so much pain and feel anxious. What I found was that deep breathing exercises or even yoga will help with your anxiety and sometimes, your pain.

    Give it a try

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    Thank you dear

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    Hello Atia, welcome to our fantastic forum. I am so sorry you have uncontrolled RA, but pleased that the steroid injection has helped. I was diagnosed with RA when I was 36, that was 34 years ago. I'm 70 now and also have Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis. I'm on MTX, Leflunomide and Prednisolone. I am housebound as I can't walk too well as my hips are very painful. You will find lots of friends on here and also some help and advice. Very best wishes for the future.


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    Hi Atia,I'm new to this too. Stumbled into it having one of those restless nights. I empathise with you in every way. Knew I wasn't alone in all this but have always avoided accepting it,even though my body feels about 100 year's old!😪 I am so lucky to have psoriatic arthritis, so I get a lovely skin condition to go with the pain. I use dark humour about it and myself, defensive move before anyone else has the chance. Am I alone in this coping mechanism??this is the most open I've been, cos I don't have anyone close that understands it. Would love to do a freaky Friday move with some people 🤣sorry for the mega rant 🤐

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    Morning Shellifur

    Welcome to the Online Community Forum. Contacting us is the first step to accepting that you have a medical condition.

    Everyone deals with it differently and in their own way and this is your way. I am sure there are others on here that cope the same way. Feel free to have a look around other forums and comment on ones that seem right for you.

    Is Freaky Friday where they change places? I’m not sure I would want to because I have got used to being the person I am now, plus if I was to change I wouldn’t be chatting to you now. Always remember you are not alone. I have attached the link for the Helpline Team Forum for you to speak to them as well

    Take Care & Stay Safe