Psoriatic Arthritis advise PLEASE!

Hi! I’m looking for advise on how to help my Aunt; she’s 65 and has OA in hip, IBS and varicose veins. Her GP has referred her for Psoriatic Arthritis as she has had most of the symptoms for for a few months & till then has been prescribed co-codamol (can’t take ibuprofen because of DVT risk). Skin creams have stopped working so her scaly patches are so red and cracked. She works full time as a carer which is getting harder as her pain gets worse and is always so tired. She can’t afford to give cut back work hours and has to move house soon. All her health and money worries have made her most recent flare up even worse and it’s all affecting her mental health. How long should a referral take? She rang hospital to ask but they said there’s a waiting list so she should just wait but until the PA is confirmed she can’t get proper help. I just don’t know how to help her and it’s awful knowing she’s suffering everyday. Thanks in advance 💜