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Hi everyone. I have just joined because I really feel the need for support and advice. I have a complicated osteoarthritis history but the current situation is that I am 77 with advanced arthritis in both hips and I am on the waiting list for the first operation. I have been warned that I could be waiting a long time but they hope to be able to manage my pain meanwhile. I walk with two sticks at the moment and use a lot of aids but I am about to be assessed for more equipment such as a walking frame and a stairlift. Like a lot of other people on this forum I used to be a keen walker and gardener. I still try and garden but it's hard since I can't kneel - I have raised beds but I have to get other family members to do most of my allotment work now. My family are all quite a long way away and all have their own quite difficult lives so I try not to bother them too much, but I get quite down sometimes and I am hoping I can use this community to blow off steam!