A Strange Morning

I was up at 4am with my gut as usual and fed the horses early to get a head start on the trip to the town 30 miles away. I had to pick up parts for a farm machine and decided to do a shop at the supermarket ,butchers and garden centre as I rarely get to the town.

I drive a landrover and I know they are not the most environmental vehicle but we use it so rarely and what other car would take so much animal feed, wood and stuff and tow the trailer. I got out sorted the bags,my sticks and the mask and began to walk towards the shop a car drove past being driven aggressively so I watched where they parked. It pulled in to one of the two charging points and a woman got out. I thought no more and carried on into the shop until I heard someone call" excuse me can I ask you something personal?" I turned to see the woman from the car" I want to know why you drive such a polluting car," she said getting hold of the corner of my trolley.

" I can ask why driving an electric car makes you such a pompous prat, they are not as environmentally friendly what about the batteries, and I bet you have foreign holidays,"

" But we offset" she said

"and I bet you regularly buy new clothes I have work clothes that are 15years old, and you change your car regularly that isn't good either. I have owned that Landrover for 18 years it is regularly serviced and the emissions are way below what it could put out and it has done less than 5000 miles a year." By this point her aggression had gone she was beetroot and let go of my trolley and wandered off into the shop. One of the floor managers came over to see if I was okay and I found I was shaking. I think it was because she had hold of the trolley I panicked.

Things were okay after that until I drove home going along a straight bit of road I saw a cyclist in the distance get off his bike and stand on the verge and begin to urinate in clear view, I peeped my horn and he ended up wetting himself. I have to say I wasn't sorry he should have been more discrete the side of a busy A road is not the place for that.


  • Jewels
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    Wow what a day @stellabean glad you gave that woman what for who's she to take a pop at you hope your OK 😁

  • stellabean
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    Thanks Jewels I still can't get my head around it, I have never been accosted like that before. I think I'll make sure I have someone with me next time I go shopping that was the first time I had been alone for a long time.

  • Lilymary
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    Wow, I mean, Wow!! Who on earth does she think she is??? I’m stunned. I’m not surprised you were left shaking. Great retort though. Karma will do the rest. Smug nitwit. (Her, not you, obvs)

    good result with the cyclist though, balance in the universe is restored 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jona
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    You should have stopped and told her that there was a woman who has a potty mouth where he could use for what he was doing or on her car could have got quite a shock being electric 😉

  • duffer
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    the comments made me smile.........thanks! Helen.