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Having just made a comment on the "Game: Does the person below me" thread I thought it may be useful to post it here.

Like many others I have trouble with my hands and cannot do up buttons, laces, clips etc on clothes. I buy trousers 2 inches too big for me and fit braces so all I have to do is slip them on and then heave the braces over my shoulders. All shirts, cardigans, fleeces etc are left buttoned up so I just have to pull them over my head.



  • Lilymary
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    A useful tip Mike. Luckily for us girls loose trousers with elasticated waists are fashionable at the moment, which has made life a lot easier for me post op. And it’s years since I have worn tops with buttons, on the basis that they usually need ironing, and I gave that task up as a bad job ages ago!

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    Well said, Mike. And braces will make your trousers fit tidily anyway - I wish a lot of blokes would use them!

    Best wishes 🍀