arthritis in my hip, on the urgency list for hip replacement. I have to walk with a walker and now my hands and wrists hurt terrible from leaning on the walker. I have not been able to go out and now problems at home as well. I put a beanbag in the microwave and wrap that around my hands and wrists and that help for a little while. Doctor says he sends the OT to make my live bit easier, but I don't want to live like this anymore.


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    I live alone and have widespread OA and am in constant pain despite being on Morphine, I use crutches around the house and a wheechair outside. I understand how you feel, having the OT to come to see you is a very good idea as he/she will be able to identify aids which will help you around the house to make tasks easier and less painful. It would also be useful for you to ask your GP to be referred to your local Pain Clinic if you have not been before. Lots of people on here have the same problems and are very supportive, it is also a good place to have a moan and share ideas for improving life.

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    Hello Dutch1:

    Im so sorry your in so much pain, living with pain like we do does effect your mental health you need to speak to your gp again and tell them how your feeling there is help out there I knoe these are really trying times where getting medical help is delayed you can also talk to a service called supporting minds your gp practice will have contact details but please know your not alone sending you big gentle hugs please try to stay strong

    I had a biopsy 2 days ago and I was told I will be in pain for a few days it made me kind of smile as I said I live with a lot of pain every day so I’ll probably not notice and tbh I don’t, heat as well as cold helps too I run my hands under the cold tap or put cloths in the fridge over night to put on my joints

    These lovely people here will give you lots of advice too to tell you how they cope

    take care

    love Jona 😊💪💐

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    Hi Dutch1, that does sound miserable for you, but it’s good that you’re on the list for urgent hip surgery. I hope that comes along soon. Meanwhile I agree with Mike, ask for a referral to a pain clinic to see if they can find ways to better manage your pain, and hopefully the OT can make life easier for you in the home.

    While it’s awful now, hang onto the prospect of the surgery. I’ve just had mine and am still recovering, but looking back the pain was dreadful and it had got to the stage that I could barely get round a supermarket and could do very little work, and had given up socialising and almost all leisure activities. After being on handfuls of pain killers, I’m now just on a few paracetamol a day, so things will get better for you too. You’ve just got to find ways to help you get through this awful stage.

    one thing that did help me was losing myself doing something I enjoy, be it reading, something good on telly, crafting, listening to music, and even light gardening, while the gardening did hurt, I could lose myself in what I was doing and the pain was pushed into the background, and getting out there really helped my mental health too.

    You may find some of the tips on this link helpful.

    take care, you’re not alone, we all know how rubbish this feels, so come on here whenever you need a moan. X