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I have just joined, i have been diagnosed arthritic knee, but there is no information to help while I am waiting an appointment. My knee seems to stay swollen at top of knee, and also stiff so I find walking difficult so am missing going for walks, it is worse in the mornings

Is this normal I do gentle exercises, but nothing seems to help.


  • Hello @Charl51, welcome to the online community!

    I see that you have been diagnosed with arthritis in your knee and are looking for advice. Well done for doing exercises, I understand that it's frustrating to feel your efforts aren't paying off but please do try to keep it up if it isn't too painful.

    You might find this page on knee pain helpful:

    Let us know how your appointment goes, and in the meantime I hope you'll continue to enjoy browsing the online community - it's good to talk to others with shared experiences.

    Best wishes, Sarah (moderator)

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    I have improved with doing exercises, but the one issue I still get is swelling above the knee on the right side, which some days is worse, is this common for arthritis, or is this something else I need to be concerned about