Has anyone taken consyntex?

I started my loading dose in March after being on Golimumab for 5 years, and my PSA disappeared more or less overnight. Fantastic I thought we have nailed it...... I continued with a dose every week for 5 weeks since then I have had swollen lips, swollen face, eye issues, throat problems and terrible sinus issues. Why do these drugs have so many bad effects. It has been so bad that I would rather suffer in pain than the side effects. Has anyone else come across this?


  • jeddison1985
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    Hi @Bumper firstly let me welcome you to the forum I hope you find the information and support you are after from our wonderful community.

    I can see from your post that you have been having some mixed affects from your time on Golimumab with a range of side affects recently. The medications for arthritis have come a long way and can affect people in many different ways, it may just be that this is not the drug for you and you will get the same relief without the horrible side affects from another drug.

    The site is full of information and I wanted to signpost you to some information on Golimumab and its side effects and also a more wider article on anti-TNF drugs as a whole.

    Please feel free to search the forum for others with similar experiences and I am sure that some of our community will be able to help offer some useful suggestions.

    Take care and I hope you find the right combination for you.



  • Ellen
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    Hi @Bumper

    Such a shame you are struggling with side effects from Cosentyx (Secukinumab) I think Joe misunderstood you post a bit and thought it was the Goli you were struggling with.

    This is information about your new medication:

    I am presuming that you have spoken to your medical team? Have they taken you off it or are they helping you to manage the side effects?

    These newer medications can be a game changer as you know, but they don't always suit everyone😕

    Best wishes