Treatment for psoriatic arthritis


Good afternoon folks,

i will keep this short and sweet, ish.

I am Male in my late 30’s, i was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis 3 years ago, since then ive tried a few treatments mainly Otzela apremilast tablets which worked wonders the first 2 years to the point i stopped taken them as I stupidly thought i didn’t have Arthritis, 2 weeks later i had a big flare on my hands and went straight back on the Otzela. Unfortunately for me since going back on this medication it has not stopped the arthritis spreading into my feet(mainly toes). My Specialist has decided its now time to try some other medication called Sulfasalazine then probably move onto methotrexate as the last option in tablet form for me before trying biologics.

i just wanted to reach out to the community and see who has all been on these meds and if they had much success? Trying to understand my likelihood of success for a better quality of life and also just gain valuable knowledge and experience from everyone living with this very annoying illness!

Thank you in advance.


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    Hi @Couldbeworse firstly let me welcome you to the forum I hope you find the information and support you are after from our wonderful community.

    I can see from your post that you have had Psoriatic Arthritis for the last 3 years and after successful treatment you had a big flare and now being considered for alternative medicines. You are wanting to understand more about the medications.

    I can recognise your journey as a mid 30's male I have a combination of Ankylosing Spondylitis and Psoriatic Arthritis, for about 16 years now since my first onset. I have been on both Sulfasalazine and then Methotrexate before graduating to Humira (Adalimumab a biologic). I can say that difficult as the journey was the 9 years of biologic treatment transformed my life to a point of being in remission. I too decided to try without treatment and had a relapse but since being back on Humira have got back to low levels of pain.

    The site is full of information and I wanted to signpost you to some information about the medications you mention above Sulfasalazine, Methotrexate and biologics.

    Please feel free to search the forum for others with similar experiences and I am sure that some of our community will be able to help offer some useful suggestions.

    Take care and I hope you get some relief and answers soon.



  • Couldbeworse

    Thanks for getting in touch Joe, much appreciated. Its also nice to hear a positive outcome with treatment, i think this was one of the main reasons i joined the forum to hopefully see some light at the end of the tunnel and learn exactly what medication’s work for some people.

    Thanks for providing the links I've read them all before, just looking for actual real life stories and experiences to gain more confidence in the process.


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    Hi @Couldbeworse

    I'm new to all of this as I was only diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis late October 2020. I assume everyone reacts differently to different drugs. I was put onto sulfasalazine in October. It hasn't worked for me. I was then put on methotrexate in February 2021. This hasn't worked either. I've now had to have 9 steroid injections since diagnosis in October to give me some relief. I'm presently in the rheumatology ward after being taken to hospital last Thursday because of the amount of pain I was in. I had been taking Etodalac NSAID but this was withdrawn 2 weeks ago as I had been put on blood thinners. Personally I think the NSAID was the only thing giving me relief before this I don't think either DMARD has worked for me.