Multiple osteoarthritis

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I’ve had both knee replacements but have treatment for my osteoarthritis in most joints . Both shoulders ; hips ; elbow . Wrists ; hand. Toes and spine . Still in chronic pain even though on fentanyl patches and oramorph prn . Try to exercise as much as I can . Struggling. Retired nurse of 44 years .


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    Hello @Sanhab67

    I am very pleased to welcome you to the Online Community.

    From you post I can see you have Osteoarthritis in multiple joints and so far have had both knees replaced. In spite of your fentanyl patches and PRN oramorph your pain is still there.

    I also note you are a retired nurse and you have had the condition for some time so I won't insult you by giving you lots of information which chances are you already know!

    However you mention that you try to exercise as much as you can so will attach a couple of links which might be of interest to you.

    This one is a general one, but of you scroll down there is a section entitled 'managing your symptoms':

    and this will take you to our 'Let's move' category which might be of interest to you.

    Best wishes and I look forward to seeing your posts in future.


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    Hi @Sanhab67

    Saying Hi from me too, I have widespread OA too (that's what I call it) and it's a real pain! For me literally in the neck. It can be so hard to cope with, especially with the old 'wear and tear' suggestion that went with OA. Some days still I just wait for tomorrow, most days however I'm managing to do something I want to even if it's not as much as I'd ideally like. I think I've now finally adjusted to the me as I am now and grieve less for the me I was 16 years ago, and I'm very content to be me now.

    A friend told me to always replace hobbies and pleasures you can no longer do with a new hobby or pleasure and that's really good. Like you I'm retired now and don't have much spare time. Do you enjoy gardening? We have a great discussion in chit chat and we have a laugh at the Levity discussion

    Come and join us - share what makes you laugh with us!

    Wazz xx

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    Hi Sanhab67: just a little something to make you smile

    Love Jona 😊

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    I have widespread OA too, plus a few other issues, in fact the only place I do not have OA is in my hips (so far) but this is probably due to relying on my wheelchair for the last few years and not being able to get out and about. The continual pain and lack of sleep can easily drag one down but it is a case of trying to find something to do which you can do and enjoy doing to distract you; I make models, read and have the TV on at least 20 hours a day!!