Should you still make plans to go on holiday ect with oa in the knees

I need some advice is it stil ok to plans to go on holiday ect I have oa in my knees and worry alot about not being able to go away and enjoy myself or am I letting o a rule my life and missing out on the good times


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    I don't know the answer but I am wondering the same thing. I have severe OA in both knees and am waiting for a knee replacement. I feel much too young for all this pain let alone the op. I am supposed to be going away for a few days with a friend and I'm worried that as I haven't seen him for so long, he won't understand my limitations, however I'm going - I think you're right, you can't give everything up because of pain. So if can do it, you should do it too!

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    Never mind the OA there is still a Global Pandemic with cases increasing at the present time and new variants appearing, even if you have had both doses of the vaccine you can still acquire the virus and transmit it to others.

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    I. can understand how you feel. There was no point me going away last year (even without the pandemic) as thee pain was so bad I couldn’t walk for long and the pain the next day would be even worse. At the moment I’m even worse after my hip replacement, although not in pain so much, but my hip is still unstable. We went ahead in spring and took a chance by booking a cottage in the U.K. for later this year, but Mr LM realises my limitations, and we will tailor what we do to how mobile I’ll be by then, which is still an unknown quantity.

    I’d say in your case, only you know how much you can do. Even a change of scenery will do you a lot of good, but you may be more limited on what you can do than previously, so choose your destination and where you stay carefully so it limits how much walking you have to do, and use public transport, taxis or hire cars to get about for sight seeing. The break will do you more good than sitting at home feeling you’re missing out, and you may find you’re enjoying yourself so much the pain fades into the background a bit.

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    Hi there,

    Distraction is a great thing to reduce pain, so a holiday will be good for you. It would be sensible to explain and possible limitations to your friend @hamilton10 so he isn't expecting lots of long walks etc. When we go out my oh drops me off at the start of our walk, then goes to park the car and have a bit of a 'normal pace' walk for him until he catches up with me and then we continue at my pace. At the end of the walk I wait for the car to collect me. That way I get to see the bits at the end of the walk and my oh gets some pacey walk and it suits us.

    Maybe check out walking aids like poles/stick etc and make sure you have your meds with you!

    (I'm sure you will be taking all relevant COVID precautions to stay safe) Have a great time


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    Definitely go but the key lies in the words 'make plans'. Plan well - where, how, what you'll be dóing, which aids you need.

    If I'd let arthritis in my knees hold me back I wouldn't have had a holiday since 1976😁

    If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving definitely isn't for you.
    Steven Wright
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    Good plan @wazz42 , I have the same problem with my ultra-fit peak-bagging fell-running husband. He struggled to walk at my pace before my hip packed up. It’s even harder now, although I’m planning to let him off the leash in the morning on holiday so he can burn off some energy while I’m still getting my act in gear, then we’ll do something together in the afternoon and evening.

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    Don't let OA ruin your life, I have severe tricompartment OA in both knees as well as OA in my lower spine & wrists. I'm awaiting two knee replacements.

    I bought a second hand foldable scooter with a Lithium battery & I use that. You can take it on a plane & you can ride to your room on it you're allowed to charge the battery in your room. Its not the same as walking but needs must. We still have a life & we need to live it. I feel as I miss out on lots as it is, not being able to sit on the floor playing with my Grandchildren. Not being able to dance with my friends. I'm not going to miss out on my holiday as well. So go ahead take your holiday when it's safe to do so & enjoy yourself.

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    Let's put holidays in context. Cornwall had the lowest levels of Covid in the UK not long ago, then there was half term when the roads were chocker-blocked with people coming down here for a holiday, now two weeks later we are one of the highest in the UK with 10 times the National average.

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    Hi Jade my name is Andie Willis, I was recently in a documentary on channel 5 about living with Chronic pain. I am planning a trip next year. I am using an electric wheelchair and understand your fears. But it just takes careful planning and faith! like someone mentioned, you can hire scooters or wheelchairs, or invest if you can one for yourself. Good luck.

  • You can also take your wagon on scooter on the plane the cheap airlines let you take a 50 kg scooter the swedish airline let's you take up to 250 kg...

    You have to book in 2days before you fly and ask for special assistance as well you jump all queues get on plane first my partner has MS on route text book but on way home night mare