Does arthritis in knees cause back pain

I have osteoarthritis in both knees, which is worse in my right knee. I have lost 13 kgs in the last 6 months and I do regular Yoga specifically for knee pain which has been very helpful and kept me relatively mobile. I live in Northern Ireland and the likelihood of me seeing an orthopaedic consultant in the next year is doubtful so I don't even know when I would be on the list for surgery. Anyway that's my moan for today. I'm now experiencing low back pain, worse in the last 3 weeks which has become quite dibilitating. I have contacted my doctor and he has just put me on stronger pain meds which is just a quick fix, so have you any tips on exercise or aids to help with reducing my back pain. I can cope with the knee pain but the added back pain is really making me feel very down


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    Not in my, long, experience, Anne, BUT when we have pain in one area we can unintentionally cause pain in another by trying to 'spare' that joint or joints.

    Personally, I'd see a physio to check your back and maybe give you exercises for it but also to check that the exercises you are doing for the knees aren't causing anything untoward in the back. (I know. It sucks but it can happen.) These are Versus Arthritis' Back Pain Exercises

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