Weather changes

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Hi my name is Pam I was diagnosed with OA when I was in my early 20's. Firstly lower spine which has graduated up and down to encompass the whole spine over the years. Four years ago it hit my hips I had a total replacement on the right side last year and am on the wait list for the left side. I'm 50 now but feel like I'm 100. My wrists, thumbs, ankles and knees are also affected so you can imagine my pain lol. My moto is always look on the bright side no matter how much pain. I'm still working part time which takes my mind off the pain. My question to you all is do you get flare ups when the weather changes. We have rain today after some beautiful sunshine over the last week. Yesterday I was in that much pain I just knew it was going to rain before it did. Or is it just me being weird haha. Its nice to have somewhere that understands what you are going through.