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Hello all my name is Dawn . Battling psoriatic Arthritis for past 25 years!! Amongst other issues as well . Successful registered nurse for 33 years but had to finally retire on ill health last year 😥

joint stiffness and pain is a real drain despite great treatment with Humira inj every 2 weeks . Due to Covid no contact with Rheumatologist for last 12 months.

Inflammatory markers are ok but feel like I am in a body of an 80 yr old woman 😥

Anyone got advice?

cheers Dawn


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    Afternoon @Dawnie15

    I am pleased you have found us at the Online Community Forum. Have you tried to speak to your GP at all?

    I know it is difficult to speak to Rheumatologists sometimes due to COVID, however with certain restrictions ending, have you tried to speak to your Rheumatologist again? I have attached some information regarding joint stiffness and pain, but because you haven't specified which joints are stiff (I have presumed it is all of them).

    Looking forward to hearing from you another time. Have a look around at the other forums, as there might be others you can speak to.

    Take Care & Stay Safe