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Hiya I'm Sandra from Suffolk. , recently diagnosed with arthritis in my painful ol knees! But I'm thinking it's spread to other places... ankles, shoulders, wrist. Anyway I'd love to have a friend who can relate, so we can have a good moan together! As my poor husband is getting both barrels at the mo, But doesn't really understand, I'm feeling lonely, Struggling fatigue, work pain and kids. 💕💕🌼(I don't just moan all the time) 😊🌺 Sandra.


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    Hi @Mumapainx Welcome to the online community,so glad you have found us.

    You dont say what kind of Arthritis you have it would be helpful if you could share which type as we can help you with up to date information about individual problems.Its good to share with others Sandra as it often helps to talk to sympathetic and understanding people. I myself have Osteoarthritis mostly every where and have two knee replacements and a new Hip replacement in my right side it has reduced my pain so much.so grateful to the work of great surgeons.

    You will definately find friends on this forum as everyone is friendly and will give great advice.

    here is a link that might helpOsteoarthritis (OA) | Causes, symptoms, treatments (versusarthritis.org)

    Hope everything works out for you please keep in touch and tell us how you get on.Meanwhile chat away on our forums.

    All the best Christine

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