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Hi, I was recently diagnosed with advanced arthritis in my hip and I required a hip replacement, which I was lucky to have a couple of weeks ago. I have read a lot and can't thank Versus Arthritis enough. I am now wondering if it is likely that I will have to have the other hip replaced at some time. Also, what are the chances of it being in other joints. Is there any tests that can be done to find this out.


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    I had my left hip replaced 7 weeks ago. The X-ray showed mild OA in the other hip, but it’s mostly symptom free at the mo. It may need replacing in future years, or it might last out, I’m not going to stress about it meanwhile so long as it’s not giving me grief. I suspect my knees will become a problem eventually, I’ve been nursing them along on big mountain walks for donkey’s years, but in everyday life they’re fine. Only X-ray would show how bad they are, but we’re not at that stage yet - they’re not bad enough to warrant further investigation or treatment.

    If you’re prone to arthritis (it’s genetic in our family) it’s possible it will cause problems in other joints, but not necessarily. My sister has had both knees replaced and a bit of work on spine, neck and shoulders, but her hips are fine... (so far). I know of many who have had work on just one or two joints, but are otherwise fine

  • Hi Sally69

    Thanks for your post to the Helpline. When you've had severe oa in a joint that's needed replacement it shows that you've had age related changes in a joint. Our bodies wear and repair though our lives, but when oa is diagnosed it means that the wearing has to some extent overtaken the body's repair mechanism. Elsewhere in the body ageing will have happened too. But not all those areas will necessarily require surgery. Doing many X-rays is often seen as a poor predictor of need for treatment.

    It can be really helpful to review your weight (healthy eating) and exercise routines as they are proven to support the body to age as well as possible. The health professional who can really be useful if you'd like more detail on your self-management general exercise routines is the physiotherapist. Do see our general information on exercise and of course come and have a chat with us on the freephone helpline number 0800 5200 520.

    Exercising with arthritis | Top tips, specific exercises (versusarthritis.org)

    best wishes

    Guy Helpline Team

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    im hoping that I can learn something through this thread as I too have advanced OA in hips and need replacement to be honest I’m really worried about going through the op. It will be good to read how others cope.

  • Hi Pinkorchid

    Thanks for your post to the Helpline and I'm sorry that the thought of surgery is a worry for you.

    Most of the people I've ever spoken to about having surgery are people who are considering a joint replacement as a first operation. We realise that it involves a lot of thinking. It's a big decision. I just want you to know that if you ever felt you wanted a chat about it all, you will be most welcome to ring us here at the Helpline. Our conversations are in confidence, and we are lay-people. Because we are not medically trained, hopefully we talk in ordinary language without unnecessary jargon. We also do a lot of listening.

    Any conversation about health should be to empower you to weigh up the pros and cons of having treatment. Many of us at the Helpline either have arthritis ourselves or are very close to people who do. We want you to have the support you need while you consider what this may mean to you & any concerns you have.

    Another option is to post on the living with arthritis forum too, so you can hear from other people with arthritis.

    Osteoarthritis (OA) of the hip | Hip pain | Versus Arthritis

    Hip replacement surgery | Treatment options | Versus Arthritis

    Very best wishes

    Guy - Helpline Team

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    Hi Pinkorchid

    I was absolutely petrified about the op........ I very nearly cancelled. I didn't feel very well informed as well as the awful thought of the surgery itself. I rang the Versus Arthritis helpline and they were fab, and there are a couple of useful hip replacement Facebook sites....but remember these people are all over the world not just in the UK.

    I am now four weeks post op and it feels great, but to be honest as soon as I got up after the op there was no pain.....and I didn't think my pain was bad..... I now realise it was bad and what I was missing. I am so glad I had it done.

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