Experiences with amitriptyline?

I've avoided pharmaceuticals for years but have very recently been forced to seek them out having exhausted all other options.


  • Jewels
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    I take amitriptyline for my silent migraines and I don't have any bad side effects on them I'm on 35mg daily

  • Lilymary
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    I’ve been on 40-50mg for a few years for depression and they suit me well. But everyone’s different with these, whether taken for depression or pain relief. Give it it a go. You won’t know till you’ve tried them.

  • stellabean
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    Hi I was on these for nerve pain but I had side effects but I do know many people who are okay on them. I will always give something a go and if it doesn't work it is one marked off the list and try again.

  • Lilymary
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    Don't knock pharmaceuticals for depression and anxiety. They've kept me living a more than "normal" life for years (I was on others before Amitriptyline) and believe me, I've really put them to the test! Even my then boyfriend (now husband) of many years didn't realise I was on them till I told him, they kept me funcionting so well. Counselling was a helpful top up from time to time. My limbic system is utterly wrecked after the punishing I've given it over the years, so I'm more than happy to keep taking the pills. I'd have been a waste of space without them. But that's just me. Everyone's different.

  • crinkly
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    Have taken a very low dose, to aid muscle relaxation and increase pain control, for many years and find it makes a significant difference.

    When prescribed Amitriptyline during the day I found the effects quite disorientating so chose to stop but continued to take just 10-20grams at least an hour before going to bed. I do not appear to have become 'hooked' as I can manage without when my OA is particularly trouble free.

    I am sure that the unwanted effects might have disappeared as my body became accustomed to the drug so I appreciate that it is a real lifeline for many (in both mental and physical ways) and am grateful to have it prescribed as part of my pain relief strategy.

  • SPN97
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    Thank you, I'm just wanting to cover as many bases as possible before starting the process... prepare myself? If that makes any sense.

    All of these experiences are really helping me to understand just how helpful a little medication can be and I will ease myself into taking these little blue pills over the next couple of days.

    I think counselling alongside the medication is a very good idea indeed for me. I've always found speaking about things helps me (surprise surprise) and am so so keen to instil just how profound it can really be - to advocate. Perhaps the Amitriptyline will help me to do this!