The Art of Hobbling



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    @Woofy "I’ve had a little chuckle at these posts. I’m still at the stage of trying to get my knickers on of a morning without falling over."

    Presumably seated? I throw mine on the floor and use my long hooked stick to pull them over my feet and then up, one leg at a time. Ditto trousers (before socks otherwise they stick on the socks).

    On the very rare occasions when I've had to ask for an assist from Mr SW he has been known to not only get one leg in the top bit but then wonder what I'm complaining about😁

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    There is a Tai Chi exercise for standing on one leg, which I found helpful. I am a little out of practice at using it to put my trousers on. I retried the exercise to find out whats happening, and found I am only steady on my left foot at the moment.

    Today I went shopping, and sat in the car with my legs under the heater, and noticed a significant reduction in hobbling because my legs were warmer. I have switched to using a leg blanket at home and it seems to work, but I am wondering for how long.

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    Keis are a company that make heated clothing. I used to use their jacket, gloves and inner soles when riding my motorcycles in the winter.

    I recently put the inner soles in my footwear for when I’m in my wheelchair as my feet were getting really cold. Now they don’t.

    You may find the heated longjohns of use??

    They can be powered from a 12v battery such as a Micro Start.

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    Love these suggestions to pimp up mobility aids! Good for you. I live in Cumbria and decided that using a Nordic walking pole was at least good camouflage round here, although leaning on it heavily going round town or chucking it in the supermarket trolley and leaning on that instead was probably a bit of a giveaway that it wasn't used for speeding my way up mountains. Lurching around the streets after leaving a shop was always a sign that I'd left the wretched thing in the changing room again!

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    Keef , try some 18” alloy wheels or even 4WD ‘all terrain’ tyres, white walls are so yesterday! DON’t forget the recording of the turbo waste gate getting excited! This will pep up your strolls. ;-)) 🤣

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