Oa in my jaw joints, both sides.

Hello, my name is Katie, I'm 34 and have got osteoarthritis in my TMJ, right and left, pretty severally unfortunately. Joining to find some support. Has anyone else got Oa in their jaw?


  • chrisb
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    Hi @Katie_J216 and welcome to the Versus Arthritis forum. 

    I searched our website to try to find some articles on TMJ that I thought might be useful to you but other than some ongoing research into the condition information was limited.  

    However, if you use the forum search facility then you’ll find loads of instances where members have shared their TMJ symptoms. 

    I suspect that you will receive plenty of input and support from other forum members who have experienced TMJ. 

    Best Wishes

    ChrisB (Moderator)

  • Hi, thank you, it's nice to be part of this group.

    It's definitely the one thing I have found very frustrating that there's limited research for this and so not many people know you can get arthritis in your jaw joint and more rare for someone my age.

    It will be good to share stories and share support 🙂

  • YvonneH
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    edited 16. Jun 2021, 12:22

    Hi @Katie_J216

    welcome from me too!

    I've found a link to a recent discussion that could be helpful

    You could try sending her a personal message to see if she is still around.

    Take care

    Yvonne x

  • Hello Yvonne,

    Thank you. I will do

    Take care

    Katie 🙂

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