Hi iam on Warfin which means I can not take ibuprofen or any other antnflamory and paracetamol only dulls the oa pain in my knees has anyone had the same problem and what did you do


  • Lilymary
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    It’s difficult when your doc has to juggle the side effects of one drug with the benefits of another.I’m sure your GP doesn’t take you being in warfarin lightly, (my sister has been on it several times for DVTs). I would suggest you talk it through with your GP to see if there are any other options for pain relief.

    But to be honest, most pain killers only dull the pain, they don’t completely remove it. At it’s worst before my hip replacement I was on the maximum possible doses of cocodamol (ie codiene and paracetamol) and anti inflammatories, and it was still hideously painful. There was nothing more my GP could offer. This is where other pain management techniques can help. Some of the tips in this link are really useful,