Best sitting position for oa in the knees

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Hi What is the best sitting position if you have oa in the knees thanks


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    While my OA is in hips, I suspect the principle is the same, ie whatever hurts least. Just experiment and see what works for you. My sister (OA in knees) found sitting with her feet up helped sometimes, but it depends to some degree on the pattern of damage in your own joints. I don't think there’s a “wrong” position, ie one that will make things worse, except if it makes you unusually stiff when you stand up. Obviously kneeling on the floor or sitting cross legged is a non starter!

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    As Lilymary suggests you will soon find what positions are the most comfortable!

    Sitting on the floor is not advisable unless you are able to get up easily so you need to find a chair that is the optimum height for your leg length as well as the right seat length from back to front. Most sofas are too soft, too long for the average female thigh, too short from seat to floor and slope backwards. Recliners can be great but the same measurements need to be a good fit for you.

    ** See Ellen's link above on how to ensure you choose the best seating for your needs.

    My main warning is not to sit in any one position for so long that your knees become stiff and make standing up again difficult! If you are travelling (wishful thinking!) make sure you get up and stretch from time to time. 💺

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    My recliner was given to me by Cornwall Council's Adult Social Care department after a visit by their OT who measured me up and discussed my needs. Try contacting your own Council.