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I have now had both doses of the vaccine so will be as protected as I can be although I am still very nervous around people, even my own family without knowing what level of protection I have. I am taking Prednisolone and Methotrexate like many others and am interested to hear from anyone else who feels the way that I am feeling and wondering how you are coping.

The worst thing for me at the moment is not my disease but the worry about Covid and the fact that I feel as though I am pushing my family away due to my concerns about contracting the virus. I feel as though people think I am now protected so should be a little more relaxed but know that this could be down to my own insecurities regarding the whole situation and they’re probably not thinking that at all.

I am very concerned about the relaxing of restrictions but know that this will happen soon, I’m not quite sure how I will cope with this but I guess the key will be if numbers start falling again, here’s hoping!

I know that there is currently a trial being carried out to assess the level of protection for people who are immunocompromised so am eagerly awaiting the results.

I would really appreciate any comments and to know whether there are others feeling the same way as myself, I’m guessing there are many.



  • Mike1
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    Although the vaccine give between 85 and 95% protection against the virus, depending on which variant it is, I am still well aware that one can still catch Covid despite being double jabbed. The vaccine does not give total protection against the virus but it has been shown to reduce the risk of hospitalisation and death.

    I think that you are right to be anxious as I am. I am really concerned that a large proportion of the public are not taking precautions properly; one only has to look at the TV to see crowds out and about without wearing masks, without maintaining social distancing etc. See how many people are not even wearing their masks properly. Another reason for concern is the number of people going on holiday. I have not had a holiday for well over 10 years and cannot remember the last time I even had a day out. Down here in Cornwall we had one of the lowest rates of the virus in the UK then a couple of weeks ago it was half term and, surprise surprise, yesterday we were shown on the Government map as being one of the highest areas for the virus in the UK. Don't tell me this was just a coincidence; it was because people were coming down here bringing the virus with them and not complying with protective measures. We had the G7 meeting down here last week and were swamped with the flaky Extinction Rebellion crowd who were protesting in areas where the G7 members could not see, hear or be affected by them; it was reported in the local press today that at least one of them tested positive for Covid and it just so happens that that person was camping with 400 of their clan so guess what will happen down here in another couple of weeks - another rise in Covid cases!!

    As for the night club owners who are whinging about an extension of the lockdown measures do they not realise that the majority of their customers are the younger adults who have not yet been vaccinated? They are quite happy to cram them in and risk their lives so they can make some money, then turn them out drunk onto the streets thereby putting additional pressure on the Police who are already stretched. As for the loss of jobs likely in this sector the majority of employees in that sector are part-timers many of whom have a primary job. And don't get me started on the multi-millionaire theatre owners like Lord whatever his name is who has claimed money out of the Government for his staff and has benefited from business rate suspension etc without having to dip his hand in his pocket yet is quite happy to jam his theatres full of people and risk their health so he can make some more money.


    I really am becoming more like Victor Meldrew every day!!

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    Hi Elwyn. I, too, am on immunosupressants and was told when given the vaccine, to behave as if I hadn't had it We meet family and friends outside / in our gazebo and I haven't hugged my son since the pandemic began. Heaven ónly knows when or if I shall see my other son and grandson in California.

    There i s very little info out there and what there is comes from USA. This is the latest from a Johns Hopkins (very reliable) study.

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    Hi everyone glad to hear you’ve all had your vaccines I think because the disease itself is so new as are the vaccines so I doubt anyone can be sure.

    I was booked in to have mine but have so far had to cancel twice on advice from my gp been told I’m too poorly to have it , I’m not one to shy away from anything really but I do observe social distancing, wear my mask and take every precaution I can I think once I get my biopsy results I’ll ask again if I can have it I think anything that will help stop this is in the right direction

    take care

    love Jona 😊💪

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    Good Evening,

    Well, after this afternoon's announcement re the probable easing of most restrictions in 2 weeks, I think that we all have to be very careful...which we were being anyway. I completely understand your worries and think many people in our position must feel the same. We will have to continue to do the best possible to protect ourselves. I don't think many people understand the implications of looser restrictions for us. It is everything to us. It is good that we have this forum to air our views. Take care and let's hope that there will be a test that can test our immunity soon.

  • Mike1
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    I am stunned. Increasing rates of infection, cases doubling every 9 days, increasing cases of long-Covid, acknowledgement that the vaccine is not totally effective especially against the Delta variant, the virus continuing to develop new variants which may or may not be resistant to the vaccine, so the Government announce the ending of all restrictions!! Perhaps it is just as well that I live alone and am virtually housebound!

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    I feel the continuing vulnerability of so many people is something that needs to be broadly highlighted in the media, and I feel it should come from the top, ie the PM, Prof Whitty etc, in one of his press briefings. That way it would make its way into mainstream news. We still need to protect the vulnerable in society if only by mask wearing in public places (shops etc) so that even if they are all crushing together in night clubs (which, let’s face it, we’re unlikely to frequent), they’re not passing it on to anyone else in the community.

    While I've been double vaccinated, which vastly reduces my risk of catching and transmitting it and pretty. I hope eliminates the risk of me ending up in hospital with it, given my past bouts of ME and current fatigue, the last thing I need is even a “mild” dose of any virus, and I really wouldn’t want to be the one to pass it on to anyone else, eg my 92 year old mother, who at her age is knocked sideways if she gets so much as a cold.

    So I will simply continue to distance, hand wash / sanitise and wear my mask in indoor public places until I feel it is safe to do otherwise.

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    I agree with you all and feel quite upset about this. I was just starting to pop my nose out to join society.....been in one or two shops in and out in less than 15 minutes but now look🙄

    I think the masks and 2 not 1 metre distancing should have remained.😕

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    The results of the studies taking place regarding vaccine effectiveness on immunosuppressed can’t come soon enough for me. I rarely go out, mainly because the arthritis in my knees is restricting my mobility but also because I am acutely aware the virus is still out there. I have had both doses of AZ and tests showed I have produced antibodies but I have no idea how many antibodies I have or what is considered good enough to have the optimal protection.

    I have a birthday soon & will be venturing out with 2 of my family, I pray for dry weather as I feel so much safer sitting outside in the sunshine than mixing with others in a restaurant or pub. I know when restrictions are lifted I will be even more anxious. I am having to keep telling my family I am still considered vulnerable & they have agreed to still wear masks despite what the new rules may be, as I still need protection.

    It’s such a balancing act I don’t not want to live in a bubble forever but have a constant knot in my belly about the whole situation. I have bad days when it all gets too much but I have to keep going, what else can we do?

  • MissA
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    P.S. I am on the biologic drug TOCILIZUMAB.

  • Hairobsessed123

    I’m also scared tbh I think most people on our medication will be feeling scared 😱 big hugs to everyone I’m just gunna Carry on being as careful as I can xxx

  • Annie234
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    i had both vaccines early on ( Pifzer) but recently had an antibody test and it was negative so don’t know if vaccine effect has worn off. I’m on Sulfasalazine but not sure now how protective I need to be given the lack of antibodies. Be interested to know if anyone else has same experience.

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    Hi @Annie234 welcome to the Online Community, lovely to have you here.

    As far as I am aware, there is as yet no information about how long the vaccine lasts but would be very surprised if it has "worn off" so soon - this is all so new that no one really knows.

    We have just updated our Q&A section on the website, which may be of some help:

    Do let us know what your health specialists say about the lack of antibodies.

    You are most welcome to join in across the Community, ask questions and give support, and do let us know how you are getting on.

    All best wishes