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My Name is Cathie. osteoarthritis....diagnosed years ago, getting unbearable.


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    Hi @Cat66 - welcome to the online community!

    I see you've got Osteoarthritis and you were diagnosed years ago, but recently it's becomming too much to cope with. This is not an uncommon feeling. With any chronic condition - but especially one like osteoarthritis which causes constant pain - the feeling that you have to keep on coping, trying to do everything, and it all ends up on you, is pervasive. Also the fact that the pain just doesn't go away, and you've got to feel it every day, is scary.

    I hope it helps you to know that you are not alone. Everyone here has experience of what it's like, and we're all very welcomming. If you need to rant or just get your thoughts out somewhere, this is a good place. We will be here, we will listen, and we have empathy as we know what it's like.

    I don't know which part is upsetting you the most, but we do have some information and ideas which may help you. With pain, don't forget you can often use over the counter medications in addition to your prescribed ones. You can use heat - hot water, shower, bath, heat pads or those wonderful bags you can microwave to give heat - to help when your joints are in pain. If they are swollen or inflammed then cold is a good help. You can also find stretches or exercises which can help strengthen the muscles around your affected joints (which can take the pressure off the bones or joints which cause pain). These are the things which have helped me the most. You can also ask your GP to refer you to a pain clinic, which can offer you help as well. There's more information in the links below:

    If your pain is getting unbarable in your affected joints it may be worth going back to your GP and look at getting a joint replacement surgery (if it's possible in your affected joints). Just because you've had it a long time doesn't mean you have to try to keep going. Letting your GP know it's getting worse, or too much for you, is well worth it.

    As you've had it for a while this may be old news to you, but I've included a link below to our information on Osteoarthritis in case it helps:

    Do have a look around the community and join in anywhere you find interesting.

    It's lovely to meet you!


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    Hello Shell, thanks for responding. I'm due to speak to my GP again next week to be referred for thumb joint infections. Presently my thumbs and jaw give me the most jip! I drop things and have sleepless nights with the pain. I'm requesting an MRI standing up!! When I have them laying down the problem doesn't show, however when I stand the pain is down both legs due to bone pressure in my lower spine...I also have diagnoses of OA in upper spine (neck) I just hope they don't ever meet 😁 I do stretching and obviously meds...but I work full time as a family worker so don't rely on medication.

    I'm hoping for support and acknowledgement from friends on here. There is little of that elsewhere


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    Hi @Cat66

    Welcome from me too. Those sleepless nights are really bad. I find I can cope with most things if I have a proper nights sleep. Personally I now take amitriptylene just at night and it does help. Do let me know if the standing MRI is available and if it shows up the problem.

    You aren't alone, me neither and this community is a great place to be. Have a look round and post again soon