The Arthritic Gardener

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OK I'm not really a gardener - that would be like learning three chords and claiming you're Eric Clapton. But I do have a garden, and being sited on a sharp corner, it sweeps majestically in a wide arc around my house. It's just a shame it's got me to look after it. Even at my able-bodied best, I was blessed with this wide plot that I had no passion for - I hate gardening!

You may be wondering therefore why I bought the house - well mainly for the house - location, size, scenic view of the Aire Valley, and central heating. My wife and son rather like looking out onto its wooded green expanse - shame they don't or can't do any gardening. My solution to this problem was to let all the flower beds grass over and let the borders grow wild, leaving me the enormous back privet hedge, the smaller front privet hedge, some surviving large shrubs and the lawn.

But now I have hip OA and I'm getting concerned. How long can I keep even the remaining tasks going? I'll take the attitude of a former vicar of mine from my pre-atheist days - he and his wife have a severely mentally disabled daughter. How were they going to cope and care for her as she got bigger and they grew older? The only answer was one day at a time - face and respond to the challenges of each day and do not attempt to look further. I guess I'll have to do the same - if/when the time comes I can't do it any longer, face it then.

Right now I'm handling it. I can manipulate the mower like a Zimmer frame so get some support that way. I've learned/learning how to hobble (see article THE ART OF HOBBLING) using short paces, and hedge trimming can be done without moving my leg around too much and grinding the hip. How long for? Who knows? My hip isn't going to heal itself. But maybe with the right Physio and mental attitude I can slow it's deterioration for a long time yet. We'll see

Behold the arthritic garden


  • Get a sit on mower buddy as for your title i am a arthritic Gardener but you learn to adapt but even i at some time paid my young mate to help me on my lottie...

    Might be time to get yourself a gardener not sure where you are but for some one like me with City and GuilDS and RHS you are looking at £15-20 per hour...

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    Or there's usually a local charity full of people who lurve gardening. I used to get my grass cut by the local village busybody who was irritated by my uncut grass (retired estates manager) until one day he said 'you must get really depressed living like this' I nearly replied 'have you got a better plan then?' - but no, I haven't invited him back since (I hope he's really irritated at my grass now)😀😚

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    @N1gel hahaha you got my kinda attitude! 👍️Reaching out to a local charity is a great idea and I'll look into that when I can no longer cope.