Osteoarthritis or Psoriatic Arthritis

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I’ve had xrays and mri and I’ve been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in the knees and spine feet and hands but when I had my hand xrays it said I had Psoriatic arthrophy formation at PIP joint with new bone complete loss of the ulnar aspect of the PIP joint I don’t really understand that but the rheumatologist says I have psoriatic arthritis in that finger too that was a few months ago so fast forward to now and last week he started me on Methotrexate injections so I’ve only have 1 weeks yet I’m due to take another one tomorrow we’ll my one finger that’s supposed to have PSA is now completely locked and so so painful at the middle joint and it won’t bend at all , I’ve messaged my nurse to see if I can see about physio or something and she says it won’t help as as it’s active inflammation that needs suppressing well I’m not sure it’s PSA in that finger and it could be a Bouchard node from osteoarthritis, I’m stressing about being on Methotrexate now if I don’t have PSA but osteoarthritis


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    Hi @Louie123

    Could you contact your GP for a chat it sounds to me as though you are unsure about exactly what is going on with your pip joint at the moment. Some reassurance from him or her might help a lot.

    I can understand you might be apprehensive about Methotrexate (MTX), but a week is early days and it really can be a very effective treatment for PsA.

    Take care and do let us now how you get on