Can Anyone Help Me!!

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I am 52. 3 months ago tweaked my back under kitchen sink cupboard. Working full time, socially always out, mum of 3 and look after 88 year old mum in law. After seeing a private physio after months of being told i had acute back pain got sciatica in both legs. Full blood count also done which showed high in antibodies so referred to rheumatologist for possible lupus, rheumatoid, arthritis. Awaiting xray of habds and feet and blood tests.

My symptoms have got worse over last few weeks barely stand, sit,walk or bend. All my joints hurt shoulders cannot stretch arm out without pain. Knee pain in both legs when walking. Cramp in ankle and toes. Cannot brush teeth, write, text or cut food up without pain that starts in fingers and hands and then travels up arm. Could barely get out of bed today. Came off diazipam as put me to sleep and amitryptyline. Naproxen made me cough up blood due to acid reflux and paracetemol and ibuprofen doing nothing. Tried acapunture,meditation music, walk every day exercises,ibuptofen gels nothing helps. Any advice appreciated as until i get diagnosis i am in chronic pain all day with no pain relief at all. Please help me if anyone has had similar symptoms.


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    Hello @Maxpatel

    Can I offer you a very warm welcome to the Online Community. It sounds very much as though you have had a very painful and scary 3 months. It seems the medics suspect some sort of inflammatory Arthritis from what you say.

    You have been referred to see a rheumatologist and have to manage until then. Have you got a date yet? If you know who the consultant is it might be worth telephoning their secretary and offering to take an appointment at short notice. This might bring your appointment forward.

    In addition if you haven't already done so keeping in touch with your GP is a good idea in the hope that that they might also try to get your consultation expedited.

    This information is worth a read although you might know some of it already:

    Click on any highlighted text which might seem relevant.

    In the meantime however you have to get through don't you? Our members will have some suggestions which might help ease the pain. While you are waiting for them to come along this information might help:

    Very best wishes


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    Your story sounds not dissimilar to mine @Maxpatel

    Except my back has been trouble most of my life and I was early 40's but the sudden onset of pain almost everywhere was definitely me too.

    Nothing is really going to get sorted properly until you get a diagnosis so Ellen is right keep chasing that if you can.

    In the mean time you just have to survive until then although it is quite possible that this 'flare' will settle down soon.

    I also have problems with ant-inflams and vomited blood on ibuprofen. I now take Arcoxia which is slightly different with a Proton Pump Inhibitor (lansoprazole) to protect my stomach. Is it worth discussing with your GP?

    Amitriptyline you can get used to. When I first took it i didn't wake up till 2om the following day. In the end I was fine it just relaxes those muscles and joint overnight (take no later than 7pm). Might be worth trying again starting on a low dose?

    Take care and keep talking it really helps ((()))