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Hi all, I have tried my best with medications, I don’t know where to turn, was diagnosed with RA and OA last December methotrexate was taken which helped with pain, the. Subcutaneous methotrexate due to side effects. This didn’t suit me and am now on sulfasalozine and prednisone. Called rheumatology and days later still waiting for help. Feeling so desperate just now, the pain the head fog, my confidence and anxiety levels are almost to much to deal with, as I am relatively new to this condition and treatment I am scared of how I feel it has taken everything from me that I love to do, I try honest, I was independent, done so much, had hobbies, exercised, walked a lot now I can Hardly walk or have the energy, so exhausted too. Is this what they call a flair, is the medication not correct for me is their something else I can try? I read a little about biological treatment. Any advice any help any thoughts just now would help me so much. I am so low. Thank you in advance diane x


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    Hi @Skylabreeze

    This does indeed sound very much like a flare you poor thing I am so sorry it's really rough isn't it? I bet you are exhausted when I flare all I can do is sleep and get by.

    There are lots of medications they can try so don't worry too much yet that things won't improve. It's a case of trial and error.

    the medications you are trying are in this category:

    Have a look there are plenty of options though of course there are also the biological treatments too.

    If you tried to get your rheumatology nurse days ago I think you should ring again your call may have been missed.

    In the meantime be kind to yourself ((()))

  • Thank you Toni, I seem to be better this week, doing a little bit more and don’t feel so low. Thank you so much for your reply. I also managed to see my rheumatology nurse. X