Hi we are a few weeks in with a diagnosis of possible Psoriatic arthritis, my daughter is 16 has 2 joints affected, her middle toe & index finger knuckle, she has had a tiny amount of steroid injected, & started on Sulfasalazine which 2 weeks in she had a reaction to, after further consultation & chest X-rays to be arranged Methatrexate is our next option, which neither of us want to contemplate for the awful side effects my question is at this early stage, has anyone tried to manage this condition without the standard medication list, or is there anything else we can opt for. It’s a really daunting prospect at the minute


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    I can so understandi where you're coming from. I was diagnosed with RA at 15 and I really wouldn't want my sons or grandsons to get this disease. And yet.......I've had a good life in spite of it and, occasionally, because of it.

    One thing - if either of my sons or grandsons did get it I would do my level best to persuade them to take the meds. There were no DMARDS on offer when I was diagnosed. As a result the disease had free rein and I needed new knees aged 35 when my sons were 11 and 8. Hip's followed later. My ankles and wrists fused themselves (a very painful process) and it wasn't until I was given methotrexate and hydroxychloroquine, about 21 years ago, that things really started to look up.

    For me the damage is done but your daughter can avoid all that. Remember side effects are only potential. Methotrexate is now a a very tried and tested starting drug. Most people will be fine on it and, even if not, our regular blood tests highlight any upcoming problems before they become serious.

    On the plus side arthritis has given me a good husband who really doesn't care about my physical imperfections but who is a terrific support. I think it has helped to make my sons into caring people and excellent fathers.

    Things must look so hard right now but they will improve. Just hang on in there.

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    Have you looked at the Young Peoples Community within Living With Arthritis? You may find comments that are relevant to your daughter.