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Hi Everyone. My name is Sheila. I live in Nottingham, UK, and live with arthritis of the left hip that has caused subsequent tendinitis of my knee (bless it!!).

How is everyone today. I'm having a better day for a change. Hope you are too.


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    Hi Sheila, welcome to this lovely forum. Sorry to hear about your hip and knee, I hope they're not too bad today.

    My arthritic hip caused all sorts of problems with referred pain in the rest of my leg. For a long time we were treating these as isolated conditions (eg trochanter bursitis and tendonitis) but once we finally got my hip xrayed, which showed it was totally wrecked, we realised this is what had been giving all the other symptoms. ie, I didn't have bursitis or tendonitis, I had advanced OA in my hip (to the point that it needed replacing) which gave the illusion of the other conditions. Referred pain can be a bit of a right red herring sometimes, although your changed posture caused by the arthritis can result in problems elsewhere.

    What treatments are you having for these? Has treating the tendonitis helped?