Supporting a teenager with arthritis

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My daughter was diagnosed with arthritis in lockdown. Any ideas on how you get a teenager hooked up to support networks when they don't want to be defined by their condition and won't tell their closest friends what their diagnosis is? Physical symptoms aside (which have been unbelievably challenging), it's her mental health which greatly concerns me.




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    Hi @Sue72

    Welcome to the online community,its good to see you enquiring on behalf of your teenage daughter, who has just been diagnosed with Arthritis during covid. You dont say what type of arthritis she has been diagnosed with. It always difficult to get teenagers to engage with their diagnosis as you say they dont want to be defined by their condition but you are concerned about her mental health.You want ideas on how to get a teenager hooked up to a support network.

    Here is a link that might help you to find out where a support network is

    Get help | Helpline, online community, arthritis virtual assistant ( also there is a telephone number you can contact and speak to a person.

    Hope this helps you and your daughter. Please keep in contact and tell us how you are getting on.

    All the best Christine

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