I know everyone's experience of flares are different but in my case I find the worse ones are at night I had a particular bad one last night I felt every joint in my body was painful and stiff but as soon as I get up and start to move around the pain and stiffness eases off the question is why night time. Lack of proper sleep of course doesn't help fatigue during the day . I find if I take two paracetamol at bed time helps I would like to know others experience.


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    I'm still trying to get to grips with my flares. I know some triggers but other times I just have a flare and can't pinpoint why. I try to use TENS machine, cbd, mindfulness techniques, stretching. Then if all that fails I reach for the painkillers! Although sometimes (at work for example) I have to go straight to the painkillers as I can't sit and use my ordinary techniques. It can be quite frustrating.