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Just seen on my online GP record that the X-Rays I had a couple of weeks ago show "moderate to severe osteoarthritis of superomedial aspect of both hips" and "there is protrusion acetabulae". No doubt my GP will contact me in the near future to discuss.

I can walk fine on the flat - did a nice 9 mile canal walk a few weeks ago at a reasonable pace - but quite painful even walking up (or down) the slopes at locks. Sidesteps also hurt.

Background - 59 y/o male, familial hyperlipidaemia which caused angina & coronary artery disease - first angioplasty 30 years ago; cholesterol is now very low thanks to modern drugs. Type II diabetes well controlled. Autism diagnosed a couple of years ago (Asperger's) - though I function reasonably well. Apart from that, I'm absolutely normal.

Married, two adult children - one at uni. I tend to do all of the cooking (veggie), but have found bending for gardening hard over the last two years. Employed in IT & telephone sales, so working from home at the moment. 

As well as the hips, I do wonder about my hands at times. I use keyboards & mouse a lot (though now have a contour rollermouse that works well) and have a little pain in some of my fingers. Around 20 years ago whilst playing melodeon (a small squeezebox) one of my fingers actually locked straight mid-tune and hurt for some time afterwards. Still play the melodeon as well as percussion/timpani/occassional drumkit (but not since lockdown) - and playing the drumkit even hurt two years ago.


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    Hello @Capers123 and welcome to the online community,

    What an interesting number of hobbies you have! You seem to be managing your various conditions really well and living an active ( 9 mile canal walk is very impressive!) and busy life. Your new diagnosis of osteoarthritis will no doubt be managed equally well once you have spoken to your GP about treatment and the next steps.

    You mention that you wonder about your hands sometimes as they occasionally give you pain. It’s certainly true that using the computer for a long time can give you pain, but perhaps it would be worth mentioning this to your GP when you next see them.

    Do have a look round the various forums and join in whenever you feel comfortable - I’m sure you have a lot to contribute. Also, you might be interested in taking a look at the Versus Arthritis website - it has a section on exercises for alleviating wrist, hand and finger pain and keeping them flexible:

    I look forward to hearing how you’re getting on,

    Anna ( Mod)

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