Arthritis in both feet

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Hello I am a new member and would appreciate any help as I can't take the pain any more. I have had foot pain in both feet for over 13 years and I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia at the age 39

I have tried lots of different meds injections but the pain is getting beyond the joke. I really don't no what to do . I feel I may have to give up my job which is only part time. When I am really bad I can't bare to stand. I can't even walk my son a 5 minute walk to school I rely on the car which is no good . I have been to all the relevant doctors and now have been discharged I feel like nothing is helping and is only getting worse. Can anyone recommend anything please


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    Hi @Molly31 - welcome to the online community!

    You've been diagnosed with fibromyalgia in both feet, and your pain has been ongoing for over a decade. You've had many doctors appointments and done your best, yet the doctors have now discharged you, despite you still being in pain. You're also worried you may end up having to leave your job, and you struggle to walk your son to school the pain is so bad.

    IT's never easy when you feel like you've been let down. I would definitely suggest seeing if you can get seen by another doctor - maybe asking for a second opinion, or seeing if there are any local doctors who have a special interest in fibromyalgia, arthritis or other muscular skeletal conditions. I'd also get a referral to a pain clinic and a physio therapist, if you haven't already had one.

    On the other front, I'm hoping you still have a prescription to some painkillers. Check to see (ask a pharmacist) what over-the-counter painkillers can be taken alongside those, as that can help a lot. I'd also try some foot and ankle exercises (these help 2 ways - firstly stretching your muscles which can relieve some pain, and secondly strengthening the muscles surrounding your affected joints, which can long-term reduce some of the strain the joints are under and help reduce pain and keep mobility). I'd also look into heat therapy, as I've found this quite effective for my pain. A hot foot bath, the microwavable wheat-germ bags, or some heat-and-ibuprofen based creams can work very well.

    I'm sure some of our other members will be along with their suggestions too. Do have a look around the community and see if anything is of interest.

    Lovely to meet you!


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    Hiya Molly!

    While my arthritis mostly affects my knees, I have some similar problems to you. My walking and ability have changed massively since the pain started. I've found using a stick has helped me when I've been really bad - although one knee is much worse for me than the other, so if yours are equally bad you may wish to use two?

    I've found another discussion which may help you - have a look see if they have useful information:

    When it comes to giving up work, do have a look to see what benefits you can get. Universal Credit is a bit of a maze to get through, but you can get it so you don't have to be constantly looking for work if you have a health condition, and it does include housing benefit (help with mortgage or rent) - although Universal Credit may be severely reduced or nothing if you live with a partner. You can get PIP for a long-term health condition, but do research the points for the questions before you fill it in, as it can be very confusing as to what they are actually looking for. You can get PIP regardless of if you are working or not. Finally, if you are on low income you can get Council Tax help, but you have to directly apply to your council.

    You may be able to change types of jobs, maybe getting one which is more desk-based, or even one you can work from home most of the time. It's horrible when something happens and everything you know has to change, but sometimes it helps if you can see what things you can still do, and see where that leads you.

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    Thankyou sorry I missed out the part where I have arthritis in both feet and fibromyalgia along with other stuff. Thankyou for all the information I really don't want to give up my work as I love it but I'm at the point where I'm actually crying on shift I do hide that though and get threw it but it's dramatically getting worse I have tried many medications massage gun for feet and lower legs foot spa hot water bottle so on . I applied a few years ago for a blue badge so I can park at my child's school as parking is a nightmare and was told as I wasn't out of breath I don't need it what about the actual pain I am suffering . I will defo look into benefits . Thanks again