Psoriatic Arthritis

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Hi I am newly dx with PA. Im seeing the rheumatologist next week for second visit. I’m wondering if anyone else has had some of these symptoms I have had. I had 2 neck surgeries last year and since then I’ve had unexplainable pain, pressure and swelling on the right side of my neck radiating to the back of my neck and into shoulder. All my Mri’s,ct scans and X-rays are normal. No one can find a reason why this is happening and it’s getting worse to the point it’s difficult to swallow and talk. I have joint swelling in hands. My Psorasis is bad on my head and burns so very much. I also had spinal surgery last Nov and after that psoriasis broke out very badly. I feel crazy dealing with this neck, shoulder issue only thing that helps for a few hours is an Ativan. And I hate taking any meds. I appreciate any insights or experiences anyone has had dealing with this. ❤️ Deborah