Hello everyone 😊

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Hello, I’m Helen, 48 and newly diagnosed with Psa arthritis. That sounds like a dodgy profile for a dating site! 😆

My toe joints, hands, one hip and pelvis are affected. I started methotrexate a few weeks ago. I’m feeling tired but not sure if that’s a side effect of the meds.

I’m so pleased to find this community and hope that, as well as finding support, I can be helpful too.


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    Hello, @HelenB23 and welcome to the community. Nice touch to think of us as a dating site!

    I see that you have a recent diagnosis of Psoriatic Arthritis, and are three weeks into Methotrexate treatment. I am sure that your rheumatologist advised that it could be 12 weeks or so before noticeable improvement.

    Here are some links to information from our website:

    This is a post from another member that my help:

    Take care of your self and let us know how you get on.



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    I was diagnosed with PSA about 4years ago. After trying many treatments . I found one that worked however lately it is not lasting and im getting lots of pain in my fingers and knees. Plus the tiredness has increased. Is this normal.



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    Hello All🤗

    I too am 48 and was diagnosed just over a week ago also with Psoriatic arthritis, it is a lot to get the head around for sure. I guess i felt a bit overwhelmed initially, i too feel tired a fair bit, the emotional energy expended is huge and in itself can be tiring…I have it in my toes (nails too) knees,hips, ribs,shoulders, elbows, wrists and fingers, it has moved quicker since Christmas.

    My next Methotrexate dose ( dose No.2) is on Mon eve. I know this will take time to work, all seems well at the moment. I proper scared myself silly on google to start off with🙈 i agree with you it’s nice to find a community that you can reach out to. I found Des’s story helpful.

    all the best


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    Welcome @ZiziB to the online community,

    I am glad you found us I am sure you will find the community a great source of support.

    You say that you are recently diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis and will soon receive your second dose of methotrexate. I attach a few links which you might find helpful and hopefully less scary than your google experience!

    There are many of us who are following a similar journey with arthritis and we draw strength and support from each other in this community. We all have ups and downs and this is a safe place to share the pain, angst and joys of achievements.

    So I hope you will continue to browse round the discussions and activities and we look forward to hearing from you again soon.

    Take Care


    If it would be helpful to talk to someone ring the Helpline 0800 5200 520

    Monday - Friday 9.00a.m. - 6.00p.m.

  • Welcome @ZiziB !!

    im another psoriatic arthritis sufferer !! Diagnosed December 2020 !! I’m only just starting to feel like my old self it’s taken a while !! I’m 45 years old ! I’m on sulfasalazine 3,000mg a day and just started on the steroid tablets for a month and from there I might end up methotrexate!

    I have also been prescribed anti depressants and they have helped my mindset so much !! Xx

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    Hello@Hairobsessed123 lovely to read you.

    Tbh today i really did struggle. I have gone from feeling positive a few days ago to bloody horrible mentally. I don’t know if this is normal, did you experience the roller coaster? It has moved so quickly in me and now effects my hands too,(when i say quickly i mean i could sit on my knees December and now can’t get in and out of the bath,up and down stairs etc) the hands worry me. I recall reading you are a hairdresser ( can you still do this with meds?) I work in a soap company and have to use my hands almost all day in a repetitive manner. Last week i had to make 700 bath bombs amongst other things, my fingers blew up like sausages after🙈i’m only on week 2 of methotrexate. I guess my question to you and others that may read this is about work…i am very worried about losing function. I think i have to leave and find another job but what? Am i thinking too far ahead i wonder.

    btw i could do with a ruddy good haircut😆i bet you hear that lots!

    very best wishes

    Sal x

  • @ZiziB

    Its deffo a rollercoaster for me that is !!

    so much so I didn’t realise it was making me depressed I think I went into the pandemic very healthy and in the April it started with stiff painful fingers and from there it’s progressed to both my feet and my hip and diagnosed throu MRI scans !! Then diagnosed in the December! I had a steroid injection to start then sulfasalazine started March I’m now on maximum for that and they have now given me a month course of steroids !!

    unfortunately I have given up hairdressing whilst I get myself well because blow drying makes my hands very painful and it’s hard being on my feet for long periods !! If I get to a point that I can resume the hair I will but it’s early days and I don’t want to cause any more damage to my finger joints !

    You have to decide what’s best for your health !!

    lovely to chat take care and take it easy when u can xxx

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    Ah ta @Hairobsessed123 for your input. It has made me really sit down and think.

    I have spent a great portion of my life thinking of others first when i really need help myself. Today i went to work ( i should not have been there) talked to colleagues and boss then came home…that would not have happened before, i would have struggled and put my needs last. I am sorry to hear you have had to put the hair on the back burner for now but as you said you have to look after yourself first. I can imagine it must have been murder for you on your feet all day doing that. Time to focus on other things that bring us all joy in the meantime eh 🙏

    Good to chat, thanks again x