Everything hurts :-(


I have seronegative inflammatory arthritis. I was diagnosed in my mid 20s about 6 years ago now. I take methotrexate for it which also treats my crohn's disease. Today I am struggling with joint pain. To be completely honest, everything seems to be aching- from the joints in my finger's to my toes. I find this difficult to explain to my GP as, without swollen joints and obvious outward signs of an active flare, he is unable to help with aches and pains. I find it very frustrating as I don't know how to help myself when I am in pain. I work full-time as a primary school teacher and commute to the city each day- I am very much looking forward to the summer holidays now just to get a bit of a rest.

Any suggestions of how to manage the aches and pains would be very appreciative.