Posting Links to Sources

PeterJ Administrator Posts: 883

Copying and pasting material from other websites needs to be done with some thought and care. Nearly all content, articles and images are copyrighted and owned by the authors, often requiring permission before reproduction.

Not that you would thinks so, judging by the vast amount of material posted across social media everyday taken from other websites! 😲

Warning - Is it copyrighted?

When you do copy/paste content, do check that we won't be receiving a "take down" notice from the owners if they see it posted here. Such an event would probably lead us to having to quarantine and then check numerous individual posts and possibly an entire ban on similar posts in the future.

Link to Content

After copy/pasting, please do add a link to where you found the material. (This is noted in our Community Guidelines.) Example of linking:

Recipe for Creamy chicken korma

Details copy/pasted from another website. Perhaps a picture also taken from the page.


Check your content

Do check through your post for embedded links within the text and images you are copying. These may contain links to advertising products, or worse, and will be edited by a Moderator to remove the link.

We do want to help out and make sure everyone is safe using the Online Community. If you are unsure if you can post the content you wish to copy, please do contact us.

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