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I have been under the rheumatology dept for some time and doing well, however this last 8 weeks I have been struggling with my shoulder upper arm and elbow on the left side I have limited movement and are being treated for a frozen shoulder until a ultrasound with dye is preformed any help or suggestions how to cope with pain and to get the joint moving again. I am struggling with day to day chores washing hair getting dressed etc???


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    Hi @JL14

    Welcome to the online community ,great to see you posting.

    You say that you have been under the Rheumatology department for some time but this last 8 weeks you have been struggling with pain with limited movement,you are waiting for an ultrasound but would like suggestions on how to cope with the pain.

    Here is a link that may help.

    Managing your pain | Treatments and self-help (

    I do hope this helps .Meanwhile contact others on our forums they are all friendly and willing to help if they can,everyone understands as we all have various forms of Arthritis.

    Please keep in touch and tell us how you are getting on.

    All the best Christine

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    Thank you

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    Hi @JL14

    I was just reading your post and noticed you had mentioned wanted help and advice of getting the joints that you are having trouble with at the moment moving again.

    The below links will take you to the main Versus Arthritis website's information on exercises for shoulders, arms and elbows. I just thought you might benefit from taking a look at the information. I know it is probably very difficult to exercise the areas, especially when being treated for a frozen shoulder but it might be worth taking a look.

    Hope these are of some help to you.

    Take care

    Anne (Moderator)

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    Thank you I am trying hard to exercise but it is very painful and I am struggling I am worried that the movement will cease all together . It is so frustrating.



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    It’s miserable when the pain’s too bad to exercise, I know that feeling. Just do what little you can just to keep your joints moving, work in little stretching and bending exercises just while you’re sitting watching telly, or when pottering round the house, or standing waiting for the kettle to boil a little foot wiggle here, an arm stretch there, it will all help.

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    If it is hurting to exercise I would speak to your GP or Physio. 3 Physios have told me that there is nothing that they can do for me, I was having one to one sessions with a Pilates Instructor who refused to continue with the sessions as she could hear my bones rubbing and crunching and a GP advised against exercising as he considered it was doing more harm than good.