PSA treatment not working any more


I was diagnosed with PSA about 4years ago. After trying many treatments . I found one that worked however lately it is not lasting and im getting lots of pain in my fingers and knees. Plus the tiredness has increased. Is this normal.




  • Hello @Peapod1, welcome to the online community! I'm glad you've found us.

    I see that your psoriatic arthritis treatment seems to be less effective recently and you have been dealing with joint pain and tiredness.

    I hope you'll find these pages useful:

    For other members to offer personal experiences it might help if you let us know what sort of treatment you are having problems with. For example do you know if it's an NSAID, a DMARD, steroid injections, biologics or something else?

    I hope you feel able to go to your rheumatologist or doctor and let them know about your concerns, as there may be a different treatment or combination of therapies that works for you now.

    Let us know how you are getting on and I hope you will continue to enjoy engaging in the online community.

    Best wishes, Sarah (moderator)

  • Peapod1
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    Hi Sarah

    Thank you for your reply. Im on Leflunomide 20mg and Secukinumab injections.

    I get some swelling but most of it is the pain. Its the tiredness that is making it difficult to work as Im a Nursery nurse, but i dont give in.

    Its been nice to read other people problems. I feel that as i seem normal to other people they don't understand what pain im going through.

    Thankyou for listening


  • Cashew247
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    I have PsA and am a nursery teacher. I survived by going to bed at 8.30 every evening.

    Working with small children is exhausting, mentally and physically. Just absolutely draining, especially with PsA. Eventually I went part time and that made things much better (I was very fortunate that I was able to as I know it's not an option for everyone).

    So basically, I hear you!

    Just try to go easy on yourself and definitely speak to your rheumatologist. Good luck!