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Hi all

Im a newby on here so have a couple of questions to the learned.

I was diagnosed with RA two years ago, I take meloxicam daily and methotrexate weekly, I was also prescribed co-codamol for the pain management, for someone who up until 2 years ago wouldn’t take a paracetamol for a head ache I’m now struggling to take all the pain meds. I’ve now started getting flare ups, hands (loss of grip) knees and elbows, any advice would be appreciated



  • Ellen
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    Good Morning Barry (@bazzad ) welcome to the online community.

    I understand from your post that you have RA and can see you take meloxicam (anti-inflammatory) Co-codamol (painkiller) and Methotrexate (MTX) as your Disease Modifying Anti-Rheumatic drug and have done perhaps for the two years since your diagnosis?

    It sounds as though these are no longer doing enough to help you? It is possible that your medication may need a tweak. As you probably know Co-codamol comes in different strengths and Methotrexate can be given in different quantities too. I wonder when you last saw your Rheumatologist/spoke to your Rheumatology nurse? If you are experiencing increased symptoms my first port of call would be to get in touch with your medical team for advice.

    I am sure our members will have some advice/experience to share with you, but in the meantime think this is worth a read even if you know a fair amount about RA:

    Do have a look around the forum you should find plenty of relevant threads to your own situation.

    Best wishes


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    Definitely have to agree if this isn't just a flare and is persisting maybe your disease is more active and you need your meds looked at again.

    If you are on a lower dose of Co-cos you can ask your GP to up them with the rest you may need to speak to your rheumatology team. They definitely need to know about the loss of strength in your hands.

    Take care