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Hi, I am pleased to have found this community, and hope to gain some hugs and advice. I have had osteo-arthritis for 20 years, and my husband was diagnosed with R.A. seven years ago. We both support each other.


  • Ellen
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    Hi @Snert

    I am very pleased that you have found this community as well😊

    Without a doubt you will get plenty of hugs and advice from the members here, but it sounds very much as though you will have a lot of experience which you can share with everyone too.

    Do have a look around the Forum and join in wherever you feel comfortable. The main category titles speak very much for themselves. News and chat for instance is where to go for some distraction. A chat with others, or to talk about your pets (if you have them) or maybe have a virtual cuppa in Val's café.

    Say hello where you are now is a space to introduce yourself, which you've done perfectly and also to welcome other new members yourself.

    Life with Arthritis is the ideal place to ask a question and gain some support if you need some help.

    I look forward to seeing your posts in future

    Best wishes