Hello, and advice please.

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After some severe pain , and a follow on X-ray, I have recently been diagnosed with RA In my right foot.

After 3 or 4 weeks without any problems, today I had slight pain / discomfort in my foot led me to rest it for 3 or 4hrs. With no pain whatsoever, I walked around slowly thinking things had settled down. After 10 minutes the pain came back worse than before and with the added problem of unable to weight bear and pain killers making no difference.

Whats going on ? Can anybody advise ?


  • Hi @Robbie72

    I'm sorry to hear that your pain has returned! Could you possibly be having a flare? I know personally, I can sometimes feel like a new woman for a couple of weeks then BAM we're back to hobbling again! It's frustrating and as you continue in the journey with your RA you will start to recognise potential triggers or patterns in 'flare ups' which will give you a better idea of the things that you can do to help take care of yourself. Unfortunately, as much as resting can be frustrating, it is sometimes just what has to be done (I'm rarely still so find resting an inconvenience myself)

    Take a look at this like to foot pain- it has information, potential reasons for sudden pain and advice for treatments or managing symptoms:

    It may not have all of the answers that you're looking for, but I hope it's useful for you. Also, we have many wonderful members here who have so much experience that they are willing to share so hold tight- we're all here and ready to help you!

    Take care,

    Sarah (mod)