Charities calling for more covid support and info for immunosuppressed


At last! And Versus Arthritis is one.

As many go wild, thinking that the vaccine has sorted things, for those of us who are immunosuppressed life just got a bit scarier.

Before the UK government announced the liting of masks and social distancing I wrote to my (Conservative) MP asking if more info could be put out so that people in general were more aware of the continuing vulnerability of the immunosuppressed. I'm still awaiting a reply.

Thank you Versus Arthritis and many other charities for trying to get something done on our behalf. It turns out that 68% of 2,000 people polled weren't aware that we weren't as protected by the vaccine. So they won't be looking out for us. We must continue to look out for ourselves and inform our friends and contacts. Mine are still a bit puzzled that I won't let them in our house and only entertain in the garden.

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  • cherryjuice

    Thank you so much for sharing! I've honestly been thinking about wearing a tag that says I'm clinically vulnerable so to let people keep their distance from me. No one would want to do this if we have more responsible public health measures. I haven't been seeing my friends much as cases in my area are surging. Who actually cares about our mental health?