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Hi I’m Nicky, I’m 66 with four grown up kids and five lovely grandkids including a beautiful newborn grandson. I have OA in lots of bits of me, the bit that’s giving me the most problem at the moment is my right hip, which is being replaced after a very long wait in October. I’ve had a TKR in 2016, and also have OA in my other knee, lower spine and hands. I still work full time in a job I love, and am struggling with the constant pain, frustration of being so limited and lack of sleep. I’m a really positive glass half full person but lately my condition is starting to take its toll on me. I’m hoping that being part of a community who are all trying their best to cope with their own issues will help me stay sane and cheerful! X


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    I am sure your glass will be topped back up soon by members' advice and humour. I am similar to you in some ways, two grown up children, six grandchildren. I have RA and I had a THR last December and have been very grateful because I am virtually pain free in my hip now. Other bits still hassle me, I don't think I realised how dragged down felt struggling with constant pain and then with lockdown added to that, it did feel burdensome at times.

    So I am sorry that you have to wait until October to have the operation but after your recovery period think of all the happy times you can have playing with your grandchildren. I like looking at all the positive ways members find to divert themselves and for the support everyone gives each other.

    Let me know what bevy you like and I'll send positive vibes😊 to fill up your glass! Take care.