Steroids and weight gain


I have been on prednisone for almost a year, at various doses as they struggle to get my psoriatic arthritis under control following the birth of my son 18 months ago. And with that I have gained almost 3 stone which obviously the additional weight isn’t helping the joints either! I have tried the slimming world diet in the past (pre baby) with success but this time it’s not working and I’m putting it down to the steroids and the lack of exercise I’m able to do due to the pain. I try to get my kids out for walks but I’m limited to short distances and with covid still about I’m reluctant to go swimming.

is there anything anyone can suggest that can help? Or is it just a case of trying harder and trying to get off the steroids as well?


  • stickywicket
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    It's not uncommon for an inflammatory arthritis to start after childbirth. Like you, I already had mine (!) but I flared badly after both births. It's also hard looking after children and having arthritis so I can understand why you're still relying on pred though I hope you're trying to get 'proper DMARDS' worked out too as pred isn't good long term.

    I did find i got the classic moonface when on it but I didn't gain weight. I certainly think it makes you hungry but I'm not sure whether it's the pred that causes the weight gain or what we do about the hunger. You say you've tried SW which worked for you before so it must be disappoiting that it's not doing so now.

    We have, on this forum, a 'slimming thread' right now where people are encouraging each other in their various programmes of weight loss. maybe that would be of interest. I do think the main thing, though, would be to get off the pred if you can. Which DMARDS have you tried?

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    yeah mine started after I had my daughter and I was started on sulfasalazine, then I had my son in Feb 2020 and they had planned to put me back on the meds but due to covid they refused so my arthritis just got worse and worse and when they started me back on to sulfasalazine it done nothing and then we tried methotrexate but it only helped a little so I’m now waiting to get the biologics but definitely have to rely on the prednisone to get me through the day at the min or else I’m not fit to look after the kiddos!

    oh I’ve definitely got the moon face going on too lol maybe when I get the biologics I can get off the steroids and give SW another good shot! Will have a look for the slimming thread u mentioned and maybe get some inspiration :)