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like many of you I am on a long waiting list for my 2nd hip replacement due to OA in hips and knees.

the pain is getting so much worse that I can barely walk and have been prescribed patches and oral morphine but after just a week my pain is worse not better and the additional painkillers don’t seem to have made any difference at all (I still take Paracetamol).

Am I being too impatient? I have a call into my Dr on Wed but happy to hear from anyone.




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    Hi @Deeliteful welcome to the Online Community, great to have you here.

    Managing your pain whilst on the waiting list for a hip replacement can be really hard and it is good that you have an appointment with your doctor to help you. Some medication can take a little longer than a week before the pain may start to recede but in the meantime we still have to live with it :(

    You may like to take a look at some of the suggestions from our page on Managing Your Pain:

    and there are some useful tips and links on the page "What helps hip pain?"

    Do let us know if anything is of help, join in across the Community, and do come back to let us know how you get on with your doctor's appointment.

    All best wishes


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    You have my sympathy and I do hope you don't have to wait too much longer for your op. I also have problems with medications. Over many years my doctor has tried me with lots of different types including morphine pain patches and quite a few of the stronger pain medications. Unfortunately I get bad reactions from all of them and the ony pain relief medication I can take is paracetamol, which as we all know, does not really help with managing chronic pain.

    I do hope your doctor will be able to help you.